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Embedded High Speed Slip Rings


Embedded High Speed Slip Rings can deliver high power and generate low noise for ultimate data transfers at speeds of up to 20,000 rpm.

Embedded High Speed Slip Rings are used for aeronautical de-icing or instrumentation applications on rotorcraft. Featuring minimal weights and compact designs, our Embedded High Speed Slip Rings have been fitted on a very wide range of aircraft for the past 40 years. Gold-to-gold technology ensures reliability over time and uninterrupted data transmission. Depending on customers’ requirements, some alternative contact technologies such as silver graphite can also be used on fast rotating equipment.

The design of the Embedded High Speed Slip Rings should ensure long life. Selection of field-proven material and adequate technologies as well as multiple contacts per circuit ensure the highest quality of data transmission. SWaP-C (Size Weight and Power as well as Cost) are key factors that can be optimized through EVERAXIS’s extensive experience with aircraft slip ring applications.