Vacuum Slip Rings

Vacuum Slip Rings are especially suitable for a space environment on satellite platforms or payloads but can also be used in vacuum chambers of large ground-based scientific instruments such as synchrotrons or telescopes.

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Space applications require cutting-edge Slip Rings that ensure outstanding reliability faced with external vibrations and shocks during launch. When in orbit, the Slip Ring must be capable of handling extreme temperatures, radiation and vacuum conditions.

Vacuum Slip Rings use special materials, thermal treatments and manufacturing processes such as welding and brazing in clean rooms, in order to avoid outgassing on potential surrounding optics while operating safely without maintenance for years. Special care is taken in terms of electrical insulation between channels and overall embedded weight.

Typical applications are SADM – Solar Array Drive Mechanisms – on satellites. Whenever rotation is required in space, a Vacuum Slip Ring will be used.

Vacuum Slip Rings require the selection of very specific materials and processes to ensure that outgassing does not occur.

Extreme environments / Vibrations and shocks resistant

Vacuum Slip Rings products


Space Hardened Designs

Space slip rings live in very harsh environments. EVERAXIS has extensive experience in radiation Hardened Slip Rings. Deep space applications often have high levels of radiation and this must be taken into account when designing slip rings.


Low Outgassing Vacuum Slip Ring (including Power & Signal)

Low Outgassing Vacuum Slip Rings are vacuum slip rings designed with special materials to limit outgassing while in space.

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