Our roles


EVERAXIS has manufacturing and production operations at all four of our locations.

Our Manufacturing activities consist in building high-performance Slip Rings, Rotary Joints and Rotating Systems custom-designed by our accomplished engineers. Manufacturing at EVERAXIS includes expert machining, detailed assembly and integration and exemplary quality control. Naples is the most vertically integrated of our four facilities, with a wide range of manufacturing activities.

our roles - manufacturing

I am an Operations Team Member, Sub-Assemblies in Naples (USA). As part of our sub-assembly process, my job is performing a molding process in thermoset and thermoplastic where I assemble rings and lead wires with shafts or contact wires in a mold to be encapsulated by casting or molding material.

I like the precision and skills required to make our products for the military and for the aerospace industry.

I like the fact that EVERAXIS provides stable work and a good work/life balance. I also like the teamwork required to build our products that go into military planes and vehicles.