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Land Vehicles

For more than 60 years, EVERAXIS has supplied Slip Rings and Rotary Joints for Land Vehicles equipping the world’s largest armed forces. Our Prime customers operate in the most demanding climates. They expect market-leading reliability and performance. In the face of ever-changing markets and technology, EVERAXIS has the required experience in combining complex systems and providing rugged and reliable customer solutions.

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EVERAXIS addresses the most challenging needs of defense customers for a wide range of Land Vehicles applications: RWS, air defense radars, turrets for MBTs and infantry fighting vehicles, fire control systems and gyro-stabilised sights.

Land vehicle applications demand rotary solutions capable of handling vibrations, shocks and different forms of pollution in the surrounding air. These pollutants can be dust, salt water or ice, depending on the theater of operations. With constantly changing battlefield needs and new technologies, EVERAXIS has the expertise to support customers preparing for the battlefield of tomorrow e.g. uncrewed vehicle systems.


  • RSW,
  • air defence radars,
  • sights, gimbals,
  • turrets,
  • gun systems

Land Vehicles Products

Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings are Slip Rings with no need of maintenance, lubrication or replacement of brushes or any other spare parts. The best way to avoid downtimes for high-speed machines and offshore platforms.


Power Capsule Slip Rings

Power Capsule Slip Rings are required wherever high voltage - several kV - or high current - several kA - are transferred between stationary and the rotating platforms. They integrate rotor, stator, bearings and casings.


HD-SDI Capsule Slip Ring (Combined)

Video HD-SDI Capsule Slip Rings offer the transmission of video using an extremely fast data rate. This fast data rate is highly dependent on available space.

Contactless Slip Rings

Above 1gbs

Above 1 Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

Thanks to its extensive expertise, EVERAXIS is able to develop high speed Contactless Slip Rings allowing above 1 Gb/s data transmission and continuous operation

Integrated Rotating Systems


Fluid Rotary Joint

EVERAXIS Fluid Rotary Joints are designed to operate at extreme pressure and with high flow. The main application is the cooling of radar antennas such as Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA). Fluid Rotary Joints are commonly integrated into rotary joint systems together with RF rotary joints, FORJ and slip rings.


Turret Integrated Rotating System (OMFV)

Slip Rings can be fitted on tank turrets and military vehicles for frontline operations, allowing power, Ethernet, video and CAN bus signals to be transmitted on the battlefield using fiber optic channels.


Gimbal Integrated rotating system

EVERAXIS manufactures slip rings and integrates other elements to provide superior assembly for our customers. These assemblies are used on sensor and gimbals for military programs in land, air and sea applications.

Pancake Slip Ring


Dense Capacity Pancake

Using double-sided pancake technology and advanced manufacturing to provide small pitch allows for highly dense numbers of circuits in much smaller packages. EVERAXIS designs and manufactures these types of Dense Capacity Pancake slip rings for various military and aerospace applications.

RF Rotary joints


Waveguide Rotary Joint

Waveguide Rotary Joints are used for the rotary transmission of power and signal between the stationary and rotating parts of a radar or satcom system. EVERAXIS has designed and produced single and multi channel Waveguide (WG) Rotary Joints since 1958. Every new design is simulated in FEM software as well as physically tested for optimal performance. Each high power Waveguide Rotary Joint is tested at maximum peak power before shipment.


Coaxial Rotary Joint

EVERAXIS single and multi channel Rotary Joints are designed to work in rotating 50 Ohm systems, where uninterrupted and low loss signal transfer is required. Coaxial Rotary Joints are compact and lightweight compared to Waveguide Rotary Joints.


Swivel Joint

The Swivel Joint is a special type of RF waveguide joint. It is a joint that is limited in rotation angle, compact in size, with low mechanical torque and high peak power capacity.

Slip Rings Separates

HD Video Slip Ring Separates

HD Video Slip Ring Separates are designed for applications that have limited space and that require large amounts of data to be transmitted. OEMs can integrate these stator and rotor separates in cases where a capsule slip ring would not fit into the system.


Dense Signal Design Slip Ring Separates

Many applications that have very tight packaging constraints lead to a dense or low pitch. Compressing many signals into a small package requires specialized manufacturing techniques. EVERAXIS has provided dense signal count platters and drums to many aerospace and defence customers over several decades.

Through Bore Slip Rings


Low Temp Application Through Bore Slip Ring

Through Bore Slip Rings are typically used in harsh environments such as high altitudes, which involve extreme cold temperatures. EVERAXIS has many designs suitable for high altitudes without performance loss.

Twist Capsules


HD-SDI Twist Capsules

HD-SDI Twist Capsules allow for high data rate transmission across a limited rotating mechanical joint in typically military and aerospace systems.


Harsh Environment Twist Capsule

Twist capsules are limited rotating devices that allow power and data to pass through the rotating interface. From land to air to sea to space, twist capsules are used in many limited rotating platforms. EVERAXIS manufactures Harsh Environment Twist Capsules that operate even in the most extreme environments, and the most demanding operating conditions

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