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Turret Integrated Rotating Systems (OMFV)


Slip Rings can be fitted on tank turrets and military vehicles for frontline operations, allowing power, Ethernet, video and CAN bus signals to be transmitted on the battlefield using fiber optic channels.

EVERAXIS’s robust Turret Integrated Rotating System is capable of withstanding the intense vibration and shock profiles experienced during operations. Armored vehicle slip rings for turrets transmit high power, as well as signals such as databus, Ethernet, 3G video, RS 432, fiber optic channels and many other signal types. Others also contain an NBC air channel and/or encoder.

EVERAXIS integrated rotating systems have been fielded and tested for 50MM turrets on the future Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), which is supposed to replace the Bradley. EVERAXIS offers short development duration working closely with customers to define Design Verification (DV) requirements and qualification requirements.