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Power and Signal Slip Rings Separates

Power & Signal Slip Ring Separates can be integrated into rotating systems that have limited space and that require the transmission of energy from one end to the other. Whenever a Capsule Slip Ring cannot be fitted into the host system, stator and rotor separates should be used.

PowerSlip Ring Separates are typically large gold or silver rings combined with insulation material. Once integrated, they provide electrical contacts between the stationary and rotating parts of a slip ring assembly. They use bearings from the host system.

Signal Slip Ring Separates use gold-to-gold contact technology combined with thermal stable insulation material. High resistance to heat and low temperatures and slippery contacts are key to Signal Slip Rings. They also use bearings from the host system, that can absorb high levels of vibrations and shocks.

Both Power and Signal Slip Ring Separates provide a more compact and economical solution than self-contained Slip Rings. They nevertheless require technical integration skills from the OEM.

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