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Fluid Rotary Joints


EVERAXIS Fluid Rotary Joints are designed to operate at extreme pressure and with high flow. The main application is the cooling of radar antennas. Fluid Rotary Joints are commonly integrated into rotary joint systems together with RF rotary joints, FORJ and slip rings.

Fluid Rotary Joints are used in the rotating transmission of cooling liquids for radar antennas like Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA).

Through the use of internal high performance sealing and complex geometrical design, benefits include high flow rates to ensure an optimal cooling effect, high pressure to ensure a high flow rate and cooling, low to no leakage of cooling medium and therefore no damage to the rest of the system, and long service life, which maximizes the availability of the radar system.

A Fluid Rotary Joint is used in an environment where no leakage is allowed.