Satellite Slip Rings & Rotary Joints

Commercial and Military Satellites (LEO/MEO/GEO) – ISS

EVERAXIS designs and manufactures slip rings and twist capsules for a variety of space applications on LEO, MEO and GEO satellites and for the International Space Station. (ISS)

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Space applications include solar array drive mechanisms (SADM) and many test equipment applications on board the International Space Station.

Space has some of the harshest environments, being in a vacuum in addition to all the other environmental conditions space brings. EVERAXIS has decades of experience designing and manufacturing slip rings and twist capsules for space. Space applications require the proper selection of materials in order to limit outgassing. EVERAXIS USA vertically integrated facility located in Naples, Florida, is focused on new Space challenges.

It proudly supports the CODEX research program on solar winds developed by NASA on the ISS.

The primary application for space is solar array drive mechanisms (SADM).

This mechanism places the solar array in the optimal position to capture and harness the sun’s energy. The data and power lines involved pass through an EVERAXIS Slip Ring or Twist Capsule.

Satellite Products

Slip Rings Separates

Power and Signal Slip Rings Separates

Power & Signal Slip Ring Separates can be integrated into rotating systems that have limited space and that require the transmission of energy from one end to the other. Whenever a Capsule Slip Ring cannot be fitted into the host system, stator and rotor separates should be used.

Twist Capsules


Power and Signal Twist Capsules

Power and Signal Twist Capsules are used when only limited rotating is required and/or sliding contacts cannot be tolerated.


HD-SDI Twist Capsules

HD-SDI Twist Capsules allow for high data rate transmission across a limited rotating mechanical joint in typically military and aerospace systems.

Vacuum Slip Rings


Low Outgassing Vacuum Slip Ring (including Power & Signal)

Low Outgassing Vacuum Slip Rings are vacuum slip rings designed with special materials to limit outgassing while in space.


Space Hardened Designs

Space slip rings live in very harsh environments. EVERAXIS has extensive experience in radiation Hardened Slip Rings. Deep space applications often have high levels of radiation and this must be taken into account when designing slip rings.

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