Designs that have limited space or mechanical envelope may choose to use Slip Ring Separates. OEMs can integrate these stator and rotor separates in cases where a capsule slip ring would not fit into the system.

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Separates are typically rings and insulation material assembled on an axis along with separate contact brushes. They are usually designed with flying leads. Once integrated, they provide electrical contact between stationary and rotating parts of a slip ring assembly. They use bearings from the host system and provide a more compact and economical solution than self-contained Slip Rings. The coupling of these items requires technical skills from the OEM and is suitable for applications that have tight mechanical requirements.

Typical uses are for missile applications or any application where packaging is tight. Radar antennas and applications integrating additional technologies (RF, optical, fluids, etc.) also use Slip Ring Separates.

Slip Ring Separates are built to the same standards as self-contained Slip Rings. They are customized to meet the technical requirements of OEMs.

  • Communications Protocols : Ethernet
  • Wide Frequency range
  • Various Voltages
  • Wide Power range
  • Low Torque
  • Environmental Testing : EMI Per MIL-STD-461
  • Size : Lightweight
  • Certs & qualifications : Mil standard qualification
  • Special materials : Gold Contact
  • Special Processes : Plating, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Nickel

Slip Rings Separates products

HD Video Slip Ring Separates

HD Video Slip Ring Separates are designed for applications that have limited space and that require large amounts of data to be transmitted. OEMs can integrate these stator and rotor separates in cases where a capsule slip ring would not fit into the system.

Power and Signal Slip Rings Separates

Power & Signal Slip Ring Separates can be integrated into rotating systems that have limited space and that require the transmission of energy from one end to the other. Whenever a Capsule Slip Ring cannot be fitted into the host system, stator and rotor separates should be used.


Dense Signal Design Slip Ring Separates

Many applications that have very tight packaging constraints lead to a dense or low pitch. Compressing many signals into a small package requires specialized manufacturing techniques. EVERAXIS has provided dense signal count platters and drums to many aerospace and defence customers over several decades.

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