Slip Rings & Rotary Joints for aerospace


EVERAXIS has an extensive and proven 50-year experience of designing Slip Rings and Rotary Joints for Aerospace, both for Military and Civilian platforms. Aerospace rotating solutions must combine the highest level of sturdiness and the lightest possible weight. Our products have proven their reliability and are often included in complex mechanical systems.

Aircraft Slip Rings & Rotary Joints


Helicopter Slip Rings & Rotary Joints


EVERAXIS Slip Rings & Rotary Joints for Aerospace

EVERAXIS can manage customers’ requirements such as extreme differences in pressure, temperature, vibrations and shocks. Everaxis rotary joints and slip rings’ designs are verified by extensive simulations during design phase and are further tested in a wide range of environmental conditions before delivery.

Main electrical characteristics including peak power performances verification is done individually on EVERAXIS equipment.

EVERAXIS has already supplied slip rings for a wide range of aeronautical applications. These include slip rings for de-icing functions, instrumentation equipment for data transmission, rotary joints for airborne surveillance optronic sensors and also communication sub systems on business jets and commercial aircraft

These rotating systems usually undergo ESS testings before being shipped to the customers.

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