Nuclear Equipment Slip Rings & Rotary Joints


EVERAXIS supplies electrical slip rings that transmit data, signals and power to secure the production of electricity and peripheral activities in nuclear power plants.

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In order to treat radioactive waste in the best conditions, EVERAXIS has developed slip rings for handling cranes in radioactive waste reprocessing plants. The slip rings transmit signals and power to the devices that manipulate radioactive waste.


EVERAXIS also develops slip rings for eddy current probes, which are used to control the sides of the cooling tubes of steam generators in nuclear power plants. These slip rings are particularly small (miniature), enabling the assembly (slip rings+ motor + probe) to fit into the cooling tubes of the power plant.


  • Radioactive waste treatment
  • Inspection probes for cooling tubes

Nuclear Equipment Products

Capsule Slip Rings


Power Capsule Slip Rings

Power Capsule Slip Rings are required wherever high voltage - several kV - or high current - several kA - are transferred between stationary and the rotating platforms. They integrate rotor, stator, bearings and casings.

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