Our roles


“Our Sales departments maintain a high level of customer intimacy, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times, from the pre-RFQ stage to strong customer service after production.”

They deal mainly with major international OEMs, or directly with governments.

In this multicultural and complex environment, our teams have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and interests. They accompany them in developing, explaining and offering tailor-made solutions, adding value to their businesses or activities.

As an important link between our customers and EVERAXIS’s other teams, our sales engineers have natural leadership, together with a thorough technical understanding of the products and technologies involved. Always attuned to market trends and innovations, they are constantly opening up new opportunities. 

Their main goal is to grow the business through customer satisfaction: Sales doesn’t end at sale! Beyond best in class on time delivery and quality. Everaxis prides itself of the best customer service. When the customer calls we answer the phone – as obvious as it may seem- , reply to customer requests. We also provide fast acting quote/RFP turnaround and rapid design and development/prototype

I work as Area Sales Manager for Everaxis AB in Sweden with the commercial responsibility for sales in western parts of Europe, North & South America and South Africa, when it comes to RF Rotary Joints and Waveguide Switches.

In my role I work closely with our customers sourcing teams but also R&D teams to be able to understand the demand of existing RF Rotary Joints but also to find new programs that are under development.

It is also important to understand and follow what is happening on the market to be able to analyze and find the demand of where our products might be needed.

Almost all our products are customized to fit the needs of our customers applications, and this is what I like the most.

To be a part of and support our customers in their work to find products that can meet the extremely high demand of performance to their rotating systems in the aerospace and defense industry.

To represent a world leading brand like Everaxis makes me proud! Our team spirit is really something special and what makes us so good as a company.

We support and work for each other with a great customer focus in mind, this is the key to our success!