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Wind Turbines

For the last 20 years, EVERAXIS has been a key player in the supply of electrical slip rings that transmit data, signals and power for wind turbine pitch control in the wind energy sector.

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Onshore and offshore, EVERAXIS Slip Rings have proven their strength and reliability in harsh environments that may also be difficult to access, where maintenance must be reduced to a bare minimum.


Slip rings enable the transmission of data, power and signals on wind turbines between the fixed part, the nacelle, and the rotating part composed of the hub and blades.Today, more than 70,000 EVERAXIS slip rings are installed on wind turbines worldwide.EVERAXIS capacity to develop on demand custom solution with a shortened time-to-market is highly appreciated in this fast growing sector.

EVERAXIS proudly supports the key players and the most advanced platforms in Wind Energy technologies.


Pitch system: adaptation of the blade direction according to wind speed.
Pitch control: constant adaptation of the blade direction during operation of the wind turbine.
Blade heating system: prevention of blade icing and facilitation of wind turbine installation in colder areas.

Wind Turbine Products

Capsule Slip Rings


Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings are Slip Rings with no need of maintenance, lubrication or replacement of brushes or any other spare parts. The best way to avoid downtimes for high-speed machines and offshore platforms.

Contactless Slip Rings


100mb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

100 Mbits/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings provide real-time Ethernet communication through electromagnetic waves.


1Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

1 Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings are High speed contactless Ethernet slip rings used to transfer real-time 1 Gb/s Ethernet communication through electromagnetic technology.


Contactless Through Bore Slip Ring

Contactless Through Bore Slip Rings are used for real-time Ethernet communication through electromagnetic waves with a bore.


Above 1 Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

Thanks to its extensive expertise, EVERAXIS is able to develop high speed Contactless Slip Rings allowing above 1 Gb/s data transmission and continuous operation

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints


Integrated Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

EVERAXIS has more than 10 years of expertise in optical technologies for high data rate signal transmissions. Integrated Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ) can be supplied as a stand alone product with customized characteristics (wavelength, connectors, fiber characteristics) or combined into a hybrid opto electric slip ring with contact or contactless technology.

Integrated Rotating Systems


Opto Electrical Slip Ring (electrical and FORJ combined)

Opto Electrical Slip Rings are a combination of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) with gold, silver or carbon contacts. High data rates are transmitted through the FORJ while power and other signals are transferred through a contact technology.

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