EVERAXIS is a major supplier of customized slip rings to meet specific customer requirements for the transmission of power, data, optical and RF signals, including contactless solutions.

Our technology offers compact, reduced-size, maintenance-free slip rings capable of operating in harsh environments.

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EVERAXIS Contactless Slip Rings are designed for deterministic data transmission from 100 Mbits/s to 1 Gbits/s (1000BASE-T or 1000BASE-SX) and above – all our Contactless Slip Rings are custom made – in real-time, full duplex and continuous operation. This solution enables highly efficient data transfer across short distances through contactless data transfer.

Contactless Slip Rings provide a maintenance-free alternative to mechanical Slip Ring transmission, eliminating friction or heating between rotating and stationary components.

This product is plug&play and modular for easy integration and bore size adjustment. It is pluggable with fiber optic or copper cable and fully compatible with transmission protocols such as Fast Ethernet, Profinet, Powerlink and Ethercat.

Contactless Slip Rings ensure flawless high-speed data transmission even in environments with strong electromagnetic interference.

EVERAXIS Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings are the link between the rotary part and the stationary part of a system.

EVERAXIS’s contactless electronics are designed to operate in harsh environments with strong EMI. They are installed in wind turbines, food and beverage machinery, robotics and various military vehicles.

Contactless Slip Rings provide high data rate and critical communication, fast Ethernet transmission, low latency, maintenance-free reliability, high speed rotation and high EMI immunity.

  • Data : High data rate transmission
  • Communications Protocols : Real-Time Ethernet
  • Various Voltages
  • High speed
  • Extreme environments: Salt spray/ Offshore / Reliable Ethernet transmission
  • Other : Excellent MTBF/MTBO
  • Maintenance free : Optical transmission/RF transmission
  • Certs & qualifications : APQP4WIND/UL Certified
  • Extreme environments : High EMI protections/Vibrations and shocks resistant
  • Extreme environments subjected to disturbances : Reliable Ethernet transmission
  • Communications Protocols : Ethernet/SDI – HDI/HDMI/LVDS
  • Size / Compact
  • Data / Uninterrupted data transfer

Contactless Slip Rings Products

Above 1gbs

Above 1 Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

Thanks to its extensive expertise, EVERAXIS is able to develop high speed Contactless Slip Rings allowing above 1 Gb/s data transmission and continuous operation


1Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

1 Gb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings are High speed contactless Ethernet slip rings used to transfer real-time 1 Gb/s Ethernet communication through electromagnetic technology.


100mb/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Ring

100 Mbits/s Ethernet Contactless Slip Rings provide real-time Ethernet communication through electromagnetic waves.


Contactless Through Bore Slip Ring

Contactless Through Bore Slip Rings are used for real-time Ethernet communication through electromagnetic waves with a bore.

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