With over 70 years of RF experience, EVERAXIS specializes in designing the most demanding Waveguide Switches in extremely complex systems, including in low quantities.

EVERAXIS offers market leading solutions for passive microwave components, integrated waveguide assemblies, Rotary Joints and Rotating Subsystems for both the military and civilian radar and satcom markets.

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A Waveguide Switch is an electromechanical or manual relay for RF signals. The most common type of RF switches consists of DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) both failsafe and latching, with or without position indicators.

Waveguide Switches have a square stator with four waveguide ports. The rotor, which is fitted in the stator, has two or three channels. Electrical continuity between rotor and stator is achieved by means of quarter wave chokes. These chokes provide extremely high isolation between the channels while ensuring unchanged high electrical performance throughout the lifetime of the switch.

EVERAXIS Mechanical Waveguide Switches provide high isolation, low insertion loss, high power capability and a long life. For all latching models, the current is automatically switched off when the rotor is in position. One or several sets of position indicators are available with all models of actuators. Some models can be supplied with a manual override knob for manual position setting.

EVERAXIS Waveguide Switches are widely used in microwave systems:

• In radars for redundancy transmitters

• In radars for connection to high power dummy load

• In radars for test purposes

• In satellite communications for redundancy applications

• In test systems to select various signal paths, etc.

EVERAXIS Waveguide Switch designs are lightweight, high performance and rugged enough for the most demanding applications. They have a minimal footprint and are designed to meet and exceed all global environmental requirements.

We work closely together with our customers R&D teams, in order to design tailor-made solutions optimized to meet their needs. We can also help them build specifications at pre-RFQ stage.

EVERAXIS can cover the whole life span of its products with services and spare parts. Improvements of product performance as well as other adjustments can be done throughout the life time of the waveguides, all according to customer needs.

  • Extreme environments : Vibrations and shocks resistant/Extreme Temperature Envelope/Reduced maintenance
  • Size : Compact
  • Other : Short switching time/Low insertion loss
  • Certs & qualifications / Mil standard qualification
  • Wide Frequency range

Waveguide Switches products


Latching Waveguide Switches

Waveguide switches enable switching between two RF channels. The latching type is stable in both positions without holding current. Manual and automatic (electromagnetic) actuators are available. All Latching Waveguide Switch models have low VSWR and high power handling capacity. They withstand the full power rating of the waveguide and most models can be pressurized to 0.2 MPa (2 ATO) for high peak power applications


Fail Safe Waveguide Switches

Waveguide switches enable very rapidly switching between two RF channels. Fail Safe Waveguide Switches return to the de-energized position when the power is disconnected and requires a small holding current in the energized position. All models have low VSWR and high power handling capacity. They withstand the full power rating of the waveguide and most models can be pressurized to 0.2 MPa (2 ATO) for high peak power applications.

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