Our roles

R&D – Design – Engineering

Starting with our customers’ needs, our engineering teams create tailor-made solutions.

Whatever the field of application, our design teams adapt to customer requirements and bring their skills and talents to shape, design and develop all equipment based on extensive mechanical, electrical, optical, electromagnetic, thermal and data signal experience. At the forefront of EVERAXIS’s innovation, R&D engineers develop new technologies adapted to current and future needs, ever more efficient, more reliable and eco-designed.

Finally, our customer-focused project managers set the pace to coordinate these teams and support our customers along each step of their programs, relying on constant and close cooperation between our customers’ teams and EVERAXIS’s R&D teams.

Our roles - RD

I hold the position of R&D Engineer within Everaxis Aerospace & Defence, in Le Plessis Robinson (France), with an expert status
in tribology, the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. My daily work consists of carrying different R&D projects, with a strong focus on innovation in processes/products and technologies. I also organize the knowledge capitalisation allowed by these projects. And, last but not least, I am in charge of a technological watch in my field.

My work also includes the supervision of 2 PhD projects applied to the tribology of electrical contacts.

I like the innovative aspects of my work, through the optimization of processes and the understanding of different phenomena (tribological or others) taking place in our products. The principal aim of R&D is to understand -and improve on – existing technology. Learning everyday and obtaining technical benefits : that is what I like essentially in my role.

Directly after graduating, I joined Everaxis first, to apply my experience in this field of research and expertise. Everaxis has to face challenging technical applications, which stimulate technical and technological innovations.

Moreover, each of the 4 sites provides different experiences, process and expertises. With an effective knowledge sharing, the potential of the R&D department within the group is increasing dramatically.