EVERAXIS is the market leader and supplier of choice for integrated waveguide assemblies, passive microwave components, RF Rotary Joints and rotating subsystems to the military and commercial radar and satcom markets. Working together with customers to create tailor-made solutions optimized to meet their needs has been the EVERAXIS business model for more than 70 years.

EVERAXIS has a robust aftermarket offering including full warranty services and spare parts to further extend the market-leading life span of our products.

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The Rotary Joint or Rotary Union is the link between the stationary and movable parts of a radar or microwave communication system. It enables low/high frequency signals and low/high power energy to be transmitted between the antenna and ground components, with little or no distortion. Rotary Joints provide the ability to transfer signals ranging from DC to 50 GHz and power ranging from milliwatts to Megawatts.

A RF Rotary Joint often has several microwave channels on the same concentric axis. Slip Rings and azimuth position sensors, optical encoders or inductive discs and fluid joints can also be integrated into the assembly, creating a rotating subsystem.

A large part of the Rotary Joint is based on non-contact technology to ensure a longer life. When there is a need for extra wide band width and corresponding contacting designs, EVERAXIS utilizes only high grade materials and proven designs.

EVERAXIS Rotary Joints are the link between the rotary part and the stationary part of radar, satcom and Electronic warfare systems in high end complex systems.

They are installed in Naval, Aerospace, Air traffic control and land systems as well as in all climates.

The Rotary Union can be found in both military and civilian systems. It is designed to operate continuously in harsh environments, where extreme product reliability and performance are required.

With 70+ years of RF experience, EVERAXIS offers lightweight, highly complex Rotary Joint designs that are rugged enough for the most demanding applications.

EVERAXIS Rotary Unions have a minimal footprint and are designed to meet and exceed all global environmental requirements.

  • Wide Frequency range
  • Extreme environments / Extreme Temperature Envelope
  • Multi RF channels
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent MTBF/MTBO
  • Certs & qualifications / Mil standard qualification

RF Rotary Joints products


Waveguide Rotary Joint

Waveguide Rotary Joints are used for the rotary transmission of power and signal between the stationary and rotating parts of a radar or satcom system. EVERAXIS has designed and produced single and multi channel Waveguide (WG) Rotary Joints since 1958. Every new design is simulated in FEM software as well as physically tested for optimal performance. Each high power Waveguide Rotary Joint is tested at maximum peak power before shipment.


Waveguide and Coaxial Rotary Joint Assembly

Waveguide and Coaxial Rotary Joints are used for the transmission of power and signal between the locked and rotating parts of a radar or satcom system. Since more than 70 years EVERAXIS has designed and manufactured both single and multi channel Waveguide (WG) and Coaxial Rotary Joints . Each time a new design is needed EVERAXIS will combine simulations in FEM software as well as labtests for optimal performance. Individual high power Waveguide and Coaxial Rotary Joints are tested at maximum peak power before being shipped to the customer. EVERAXIS Waveguide and Coaxial Rotary Joints are well known for their exellent isolation between channels.


Coaxial Rotary Joint

EVERAXIS single and multi channel Rotary Joints are designed to work in rotating 50 Ohm systems, where uninterrupted and low loss signal transfer is required. Coaxial Rotary Joints are compact and lightweight compared to Waveguide Rotary Joints.


Swivel Joint

The Swivel Joint is a special type of RF waveguide joint. It is a joint that is limited in rotation angle, compact in size, with low mechanical torque and high peak power capacity.

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