Capsule Slip Rings are compact slip rings that can be used in a wide range of applications. They integrate rotor, stator, brush block, bearings and casings and enable the transmission of power and data through rotating systems. They are ready to be integrated into customers’ systems and provide built-in protection from humidity and dust.

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Capsule Slip Rings transmit electrical power and data between a stationary and a rotating part. The torque of the slip ring is minimal while the range of transferred data is vast: Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Video (HD-SDI, 3G SDI), USB, high frequency and fast data rates.

Most Capsule Slip Rings use gold-to-gold technology, which provides long life, minimal electrical noise and quality contact over time. The choice of insulation material is key and guarantees minimal interference between circuits. Capsule Slip Rings can be combined with other types of rotary joints such as FORJ, Hydraulic and High Frequency.

Remote weapon systems for military vehicles, airborne optronic sensors, satcom antennas, Close Circuit Television (CCTV), UAVs, counter uncrewed aircraft systems (C-UAS), non-destructive testing, test benches, turn-tables, food and beverage applications, wind turbines.

High reliability, long lifetime, perfect fit with system requirements, designed to outperform in extreme conditions.

Capsule Slip Rings provide seals that protect equipment from various types of pollution.

  • Data / High data rate transmission
  • Data / Uninterrupted data transfer
  • Communications Protocols / Ethernet
  • Communications Protocols / 3G
  • Wide Frequency range
  • Low Torque
  • Size / Compact
  • Extreme environments subjected to disturbances / Reliable Ethernet transmission
  • Special materials / Gold Contact
  • Size / Lightweight
  • Certs & qualifications / Mil standard qualification
  • Certs & qualifications / Space qualifications

Capsules Slip Rings products

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings

Maintenance Free Capsule Slip Rings are Slip Rings with no need of maintenance, lubrication or replacement of brushes or any other spare parts. The best way to avoid downtimes for high-speed machines and offshore platforms.


Coax Capsule Slip Ring

Coax Capsule Slip Rings are required wherever high frequency signals need to be transferred between stationary and the rotating platforms. Their capsule structure guarantees higher protection rates.


Power Capsule Slip Rings

Power Capsule Slip Rings are required wherever high voltage - several kV - or high current - several kA - are transferred between stationary and the rotating platforms. They integrate rotor, stator, bearings and casings.


HD-SDI Capsule Slip Ring (Combined)

Video HD-SDI Capsule Slip Rings offer the transmission of video using an extremely fast data rate. This fast data rate is highly dependent on available space.

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