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Located close to Stockholm, in the “Swedish Silicon Valley,” EVERAXIS AB is dedicated to complex rotating systems, mainly for radars.

Our Engineering capabilities include: conceptual design, hardware development and concurrent engineering. Our Manufacturing capabilities consist of assembly. Testing facilities are equipped with thermal chambers, an automated test environment, peak power RF testing and encoder accuracy testing.

Our newly refurnished offices provide a modern and comfortable work environment for our 45 employees. 

Our team values the positive, friendly atmosphere and interest in their highly-skilled jobs.


Located in Naples, Florida, our teams pride themselves on manufacturing Slip Rings for the US defence market, civil aero and diverse commercial and industrial markets. 

Our key Engineering capabilities include: conceptual design, hardware development, environmental verification and testing.

Our Manufacturing department is equipped with machining, molding, specialized assembly, additive manufacturing and plating. 

As for Testing, we have an automated test environment and environmental stress screening.

We offer a large, well-organized facility of more than 3,000sqm/32,000sqft. 

Our 80 employees value the team spirit and interest in their position.

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Based in Annemasse, in the French Alps, we design and manufacture Slip Rings for industrial applications such as wind turbines and bottling machines.

Our key Engineering capabilities include: custom electro-mechanical design (FORJ, contactless development), environmental verification and testing with climatic chambers and automated test environment.

Our Manufacturing department is in charge of assembly and final testing.

Our 80 employees value the family-like atmosphere, the work environment and the technical nature of our products … and the fantastic natural environment close to Lake Geneva!

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Le Plessis

EVERAXIS Aerospace & Defence is located in Le Plessis Robinson, in the Paris Region.

Our 80 employees are committed to designing, manufacturing and selling Slip Rings for aero and defence markets.

Our key Engineering capabilities include: conceptual design and analysis and hardware development; for Testing, thermal chambers, electrical and mechanical testing, automated test environment and optical testing; finally, for Manufacturing, assembly.

With an average seniority of more than 10 years, our teams appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the technical nature of our products.