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Opto Electrical Slip Rings (electrical and FORJ combined)

Opto Electrical Slip Rings are a combination of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) with gold, silver or carbon contacts. High data rates are transmitted through the FORJ while power and other signals are transferred through a contact technology.

Single Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ) have been designed to be fully integrated with Slip Ring mechanics. FORJ mounting withstands severe vibrating conditions. The shaft provides a path for the fiber. Customized outputs on stator and rotor sides are possible. Extensive experience in Opto Electrical Slip Rings makes EVERAXIS a reference for such hybrid needs.

Our expertise in different areas such as mechanics, optics and electrical technologies also enables EVERAXIS to provide complete transmission solutions (brushes, contactless and optical). Our Opto Electrical Slip Rings have successfully completed qualification campaigns in harsh environments (vibration, temperature, tightness, aging, etc.).

Wind turbines, special machineries, radars, turrets, remote weapons systems including opto-electrical and video systems.