Slip Rings & Rotary Joints for Civil

Civilian Vessels

EVERAXIS rotary solutions have been installed on ships around the world for decades. As with the military, civilian ships need rotary solutions able to withstand high vibration/shock as well as operate without interruption in an environment of salt water mist, high humidity and a wide range of temperatures.

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EVERAXIS’ experience in military vessels, particularly for radars, also finds applications on commercial vessels.

EVERAXIS SatCom Rotary Joints are used for ground-based satellite communication as well as for onboard entertainment on commercial ships.

Civilian Vessel Products

Integrated Rotating Systems


Fluid Rotary Joint

EVERAXIS Fluid Rotary Joints are designed to operate at extreme pressure and with high flow. The main application is the cooling of radar antennas such as Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA). Fluid Rotary Joints are commonly integrated into rotary joint systems together with RF rotary joints, FORJ and slip rings.

RF Rotary joints


Waveguide Rotary Joint

Waveguide Rotary Joints are used for the rotary transmission of power and signal between the stationary and rotating parts of a radar or satcom system. EVERAXIS has designed and produced single and multi channel Waveguide (WG) Rotary Joints since 1958. Every new design is simulated in FEM software as well as physically tested for optimal performance. Each high power Waveguide Rotary Joint is tested at maximum peak power before shipment.


Coaxial Rotary Joint

EVERAXIS single and multi channel Rotary Joints are designed to work in rotating 50 Ohm systems, where uninterrupted and low loss signal transfer is required. Coaxial Rotary Joints are compact and lightweight compared to Waveguide Rotary Joints.

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