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Power Capsule Slip Rings


Power Capsule Slip Rings are required wherever high voltage – several kV – or high current – several kA – are transferred between stationary and rotating platforms. They integrate rotor, stator, bearings and casings.

Power Capsule Slip Rings are suitable for power AC or DC transmissions. Silver rings are coupled with graphite brushes. Silver graphite contacts can manage very high temperatures potentially generated by overloads. Excellent dielectric properties of the insulation material prevent shorting, even if humidity appears. Power Capsule Slip Rings are hermetically sealed.

Thanks to their rugged design, Power Capsule Slip Ring operation is extremely reliable and does not require any component change or lubrication.

They can be combined with other types of rotary joints such as FORJ, hydraulic or hyper frequency.

High energy laser, radar antennas, turrets