Electrical Swivels

Electrical Swivels enable the rotation of data and/or power cables and are designed to be integrated into the swivel stacks of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) applications. They can withstand the typically harsh environments of the oil and gas (O&G) industry and are installed on vessels and/or floating moored platforms.

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Electrical Swivels can deliver high, medium and/or low voltages. They can also transfer data. They are flameproof, generate low noise and provide maintenance-free reliability over decades of use in marine environments.

Customers can include ATEX explosion-proof requirements. Gold-to-gold technology ensures reliable signal and power transmission even in high temperatures. Stainless steel frames and housings contribute to the durability of the equipment. Some large diameter swivels can be developed and certain alternative contact technologies such as metal-graphite can also be used on electrical swivels.

Electrical swivel stacks for FPSO applications

Custom fit with integrator’s requirements. Heritage of electrical swivels for FPSO applications.

  • Data / Uninterrupted data transfer
  • Various Voltages
  • High Current
  • Wide Power range
  • Extreme environments / Reduced maintenance
  • Size / XXL
  • Special materials / Gold Contact
  • Other / Excellent MTBF/MTBO

Electrical Swivels products


High Voltage Electrical Swivel

High Voltage Electrical Swivels are specially designed to transfer high power voltages of several tens of kV and high currents of up to 2,000 Amps in harsh offshore oil and gas environments.


Signal and Low Voltage Electrical Swivels

Signal and Low Voltage Electrical Swivels are specially designed to transfer data and power of up to 2,000 Amps for oil and gas applications in harsh marine environments.

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