Pancake or Platter Slip Rings are a specialty for EVERAXIS USA. All drum style Slip Rings can be reconfigured into a Pancake design. Choosing one or the other is highly dependant on the geometric constraints of the system.

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Pancake or Platter-style Slip Rings are an alternative arrangement of circuit geometry, based on space available, the key being packaging constraints due to limited height requirements. Precise manufacturing techniques are required to produce Platter-style Slip Rings.

Applications can vary from defence to aerospace.

Platter or Pancake Slip Rings require a special process in order to control the precise flatness of the platter. This is key to signal density, quality and reduction of signal drop-out.

The diameter of the Slip Ring therefore increases in proportion to the number of circuits, rather than length if a drum-style Slip Ring is used. The platters can be stacked and have circuits on both sides, in order to pack more circuits into a smaller package.

Pancake Slip Rings products


Dense Capacity Pancake

Using double-sided pancake technology and advanced manufacturing to provide small pitch allows for highly dense numbers of circuits in much smaller packages. EVERAXIS designs and manufactures these types of Dense Capacity Pancake slip rings for various military and aerospace applications.

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