FPSO Slip Rings & Swivels

FPSO (Oil and Gas floating platforms)

EVERAXIS’s experience in designing slip rings for energy applications is vast. It includes oil and gas equipment on FPSOs as well as floating liquified gas structures.

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Electrical slip rings or Electrical Swivels are integrated into loading buoys or turrets serving between mooring points, offloading vessels and FPSOs.

EVERAXIS designs and manufactures a wide range of electrical slip rings for oil and gas applications. These can be custom-designed to meet customer specifications: from slip ring assemblies to be integrated into customers’ enclosures to weather-protected or ATEX proof units.

EVERAXIS also produces low to high voltage slip rings for use in harsh maritime and industrial environments, and 3.1 and 3.2 material certificate levels can be managed by our engineering teams. Thanks to our extensive experience in O&G applications and following our EN9100, ISO9001 and IS14001 certifications, EVERAXIS can design and manufacture even the most challenging projects.

Turret moorings on FPSOs; loading buoys; floating platforms

FPSO Products

Electrical Swivels


High Voltage Electrical Swivel

High Voltage Electrical Swivels are specially designed to transfer high power voltages of several tens of kV and high currents of up to 2,000 Amps in harsh offshore oil and gas environments.


Signal and Low Voltage Electrical Swivels

Signal and Low Voltage Electrical Swivels are specially designed to transfer data and power of up to 2,000 Amps for oil and gas applications in harsh marine environments.

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