Twist Capsules are used for applications where limited rotation is required. EVERAXIS has designed many custom solutions for a wide variety of defence, aerospace and space applications.

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A Twist Capsule is a device that enables power and data transfer using a limited rotation mechanical joint. The basic concept is a flexible circuit that is allowed to wrap and unwrap as rotation happens.

Typical uses are Solar Array Drive Mechanisms for space applications and a variety of sensors/gimbals that require only limited rotation. The amount of rotation can vary, based on customer requirements. Many designs have more than 360 degrees of rotation. Using a Twist Capsule also provides mechanical contact for all data and power lines, meaning there is no sliding contact surface as one would see in Slip Rings.

EVERAXIS has a wide variety of Twist Capsule designs to choose from as a baseline, which will reduce design and development time. Furthermore, most of the designs are suitable for harsh environments.

Twist Capsules products


HD-SDI Twist Capsules

HD-SDI Twist Capsules allow for high data rate transmission across a limited rotating mechanical joint in typically military and aerospace systems.


Power and Signal Twist Capsules

Power and Signal Twist Capsules are used when only limited rotating is required and/or sliding contacts cannot be tolerated.


Harsh Environment Twist Capsule

Twist capsules are limited rotating devices that allow power and data to pass through the rotating interface. From land to air to sea to space, twist capsules are used in many limited rotating platforms. EVERAXIS manufactures Harsh Environment Twist Capsules that operate even in the most extreme environments, and the most demanding operating conditions

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