The New Frontier in Wind Turbines

Deep Water, Floating Wind Turbines
Operating up to 64 kV High Voltage

With over 75,000 successful slip-ring installations on various types of wind turbines
around the world, EVERAXIS is proven in the wind turbine market. We are looking
to partner with developers of offshore floating wind turbines for deep water
applications to expand our slip-ring expertise into this new and innovative
Floating wind turbines have the potential to significantly expand the
capacity for offshore wind energy production and play a crucial role in the transition
to clean and renewable energy sources.

The floating offshore wind turbine is new and in relatively “unchartered water”
with very few current installations. Floating turbines have several advantages,
including the ability to access stronger and more consistent wind resources in deep
waters with a significant higher load factor compared to any WEC, reduced visual
impact compared to onshore or nearshore turbines, and the potential for reduced
installation and maintenance costs.

Windfloat Floating Offshore Foundation and Vestas V-80 2MW Offshore Wind Turbine, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. (Photo by Senu Sirnivas / NREL)

Have an application you’d like to discuss?

EVERAXIS is well-positioned to provide expertise and engineering experience to assist in solving the power and data transmission challenges and is excited to find partners specializing in other areas of the f loating offshore wind industry. EVERAXIS robust and maintenance-free slip rings are manufactured with proven technology for reliable signal and data transmission, optimized design for high voltage electric power transmission, while operating in a wide temperature range, under up to 100m salted water.

Currently, there are few types of floating offshore wind turbines, with more expected as developments and the industry grows. EVERAXIS knows several challenges will still need to be addressed and wants to collaborate with companies to solve these challenges before mass adoption and implementation.

EVERAXIS Industries (EIN) receives the Silver Ecovadis certification

Ecovadis provides reliable and globally recognized sustainability assessments and information, enabling all companies to have a positive impact on our society and planet.